K-Tanglement, Amsterdam, Milano,
New York, Toronto, 2014

On September 14, 2014 (2pm in NYC and Toronto / 8pm in Milan and Amsterdam) a simultaneous hypnosis performance was held under the glow of giant billboard screens in New York, Toronto, Amsterdam and Milan. This project by Marcos Lutyens investigates the possibilities of bridging space across time and sensing in multiple places at once.
Following on from and inspired by Lutyens's "Color Therapy" project, which brings abstract visuals and sounds that counterbalance weather and social traffic flows at these 4 locations, K-tanglement is a project that seeks to decolonize the mind from the sense of unitary location. Participants will be invited to listen to an audio that enables them to enter a trance state in which their unconscious minds will be invited to dematerialize, decontextualize themselves from the surrounding branding, dissolve into color-based emotions and finally develop a sense of simultaneous entanglement with participants in the other 3 cities.
My opening words to all 4 sites on Skype:
I’d like to propose this little speech not so much as a Manifesto but as a Mundi-festo of K-Tanglement.
This is a momentous day: our first attempt at a linked consciousness across the world!
One that not only dissolves barriers and borders but also does away with the obsolete idea of the unitary self.
In quantum physics ‘entanglement’ means that twin particles are linked together across infinite distances and here, today we are speculating that consciousness may work in a similar way.
It’s a dynamic in which I am no longer ‘I’
I becomes ‘we’
We are no longer ‘us’
We become a dissolved consciousness together.
The idea of an artist creating alone in a studio, or a visitor wandering around lost in his or her own thoughts is a lonely relic of previous civilizations.
As our minds become opened in this new entangled way, there are 2 paths:
Schizoresistance, which is thinking, feeling and sensing creatively together as one, across time and space
Finding ourselves swallowed up by the alien voices and smothering influence of mass media in public spaces as well as in our intimate devices.
The choice must be schizoresistance as we share this embodied mental space together.
May this be the start of many more entanglements between us as well as extending to many other friends over time.
Lastly a special thank you to Raimundas Malasauskas who has been the primary catalyst to much of this entangling. A big thanks to all the effort that has gone on behind the scenes with the 4 K’s to get to here & now.
Thanks so much to Riet Wijnen and Maxine Kopsa of Kunstverein Amsterdam, Andrea Wiarda of Kunstverein Milano, Kara Hamilton and Kari Cwynar of Kunstverein Toronto, and Mary Margaret Rinebold of Kunstverein New York Simone Cuoto, Stuart Perkins also in New York. And for chiara Ianeselli for pulling it all together with invisible threads.
marcos lutyens 14 September 2014
K-tanglement was a strange and marvelous experience because of the idea of the physical de-embodiement so apparent during the planning process coming from different locations, and because it finally materialized. It made present in-site in very powerful ways as the group gathered and desired to be together, instead of wandering with headphones around Time Square. We created, in that moment, the idea and the possibility of a universal community that is fluid and not contained by geography and psychologic frontiers. To me, what really caused a great impression was the fact that people wanted more. They were coming to us and asking, "this is it?” So, there is an openness to the induction that makes each one of the participants deal with their own desire for this “something else". I hope, they went home asking themselves what this “more”means to themselves in relationship to others.
Simone Couto
Thanks for your hypnosis yesterday, it was a great experience. I visualized being inside a giant skyscraper in the shape of a cocacola disposable paper cup with a straw elevator shaft and bridges in the shape of K coming from the elevator at each floor. I wanted to share an idea with you because I believe it resonates similarly and am curious to know what you think. I would like to make an air filter. Well, I've noticed the appearance of water as a symbol proliferating the internet, also the internet as being symbolized by water as a flowing aspect, liquid information. It is something that I see in the color theory samsung video and in the Post Internet art fashion trending. It is in the statement of Carolyn Christov Bakargiev's for Istanbul with waves. This all leads me to the question: If the internet is liquid, then what is gas?
I think the answer to this question is "telepathic particles". It is no wonder that so many inventions throughout history were synchronized in different places of the world without the other inventor knowing because their telepathic particles were meeting through a primitive internet. So for example: two different people discovered calculus and evolution, three invented decimal fractions, four independent discoveries of sunspots, the law of conservation of energy was formulated four times in 1847, six inventors of the thermometer and nine inventors of the telescope. The steamboat is claimed as the sole invention of five different people. I took this list from Malcom Gladwel's text "In the air": This phenomenon of simultaneous discovery—what science historians call “multiples”—turns out to be extremely common. One of the first comprehensive lists of multiples was put together by William Ogburn and Dorothy Thomas, in 1922, and they found a hundred and forty-eight major scientific discoveries that fit the multiple pattern.
So we can entangle ourselves because the particles are there, and there are probably four other K L M N O P entanglements happening at the same time without our awareness.
So these thoughts on the air as a symbol of this transmission, leads me to want to create an air filter. Because if we are getting our ideas through the air, then we might as well have pure air.
Plus air filters produce a white noise sound which helps one go to sleep and dream up many dreams. David Bernstein My reply:
So glad to have the family there taking part and especially you sharing a key-hole view of your inner experience, without which I am just a distant tourist with toy binoculars to my own project. Yes this idea of morphic fields is strange and compelling. Sometimes one could think that the zeitgeist brings about these parallel discoveries, almost as if the last jigsaw puzzle is waiting to be placed and 3 or 4 people find the missing piece at the same time, but one also can't help feeling that there is that missing unexplained molecule floating about. Air filtration would certainly have its uses. Are you talking about an i-filter or something more communal, like a we-sized family-friendly filter or a municipal town filter-dome?
White noise..I have been working on developing orange, purple and green noise: apparently people know what white, pink, brown and other colored noises are.
Here's a pic of you I found online!
Chiara Ianeselli : Curatorial coordinator
Riet Wijnen, Maxine Kopsa: Kunstverein Amsterdam
Andrea Wiarda: Kunstverein Milan
Kara Hamilton, Kari Cwynar: Kunstverein Toronto
Simone Couto, Stuart Perkins standing in for Mary Margaret Rinebold: Kunstverein New York
Voice of Italian version: Isacco Tognon
Thanks to Julia Owen for sound design
Het Parool
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