Dr Cold Weather, Jaus Gallery
Santa Monica, CA, USA, 2012

Dr. Cold War Performance The Global Climacteric curated by Koan Jeff Baysa, M.D.
It is said that he who controls the weather, controls the world.

The Global Climacteric is a group show lampooning the politics and foibles of geomanipulation. In spite of the overall satiric tone, the works in this exhibition have been manifested through a process of rigorous investigation and data accumulation. The exhibition´s script replaces nuclear threat with climate change.
Ecopolitics and geoannihilation sub in for The Cold War when world leaders convened discussing solutions to correct past human mistakes while simultaneously posturing to take drastic measures to ensure a desired, albeit apocalyptic, future. The New Military Industrial Complex, for ecogeopoliticomanipulation, catalyzes warfare between opposing governments as well as with nature itself by instigating unnatural earthquakes, storms, and other ecodisasters.
Marcos Lutyens Aaron Sheppard Klaus Schafler