New Herulians, Liverpool

A magical sphere was recently discovered on the planet Earth, and calls for volunteers to embark on a psychogeographical journey. Originally known as the ´Magic Sphere of Helios´, the orb was created in the ancient city of Athens, harboured by The New Herulians in a nearby galaxy to detect the emotional status of its inhabitants.
With just a touch of one´s finger, the special powers of this magical sphere can be unlocked, downloading one´s thoughts, sensations and desires.

Enter The Portal
In this experience the orb will read your emotional status as you share the details of three special locations. In return, the sphere will leave you with a reading of your emotions, and a lifetime of good fortune. To begin this ten minute experience, enter through the portal above using a smartphone. Wear headphones for best results.
Find a Location As an experiment of the senses and their response to the environment, we invite you to consider how, when and where you would like to experience this artwork. Consider the following...

Time of Day
Private or Public
Urban or Natural
Isolated or Active
Credits: The New Herulians (2021) Synaesthetic Artwork by Marcos Lutyens. Story written by Gabriella Warren-Smith. Designed by Raphael Arar. Curated by Cognitive Sensations