Honing, Joan Gallery
Los Angeles, 2018

A project by Marcos Lutyens and Jennie Mary Tai Liu
21 April 2018
A layering of time and space at the opening gala of Joan Gallery in the Bendix building that had been used to build aircraft honing devices during WWII by women factory workers.

A comment from Raymond Guy:
"I found that your latest project, JOAN, is reminiscent of the Brownian movement in the crowd as the video begins. As the performers evolve in their interactions, the entropy in the space organizes itself to create a dedicated area for them to evolve with the crowd moving to the perimeter. Was this choreographed as such or was this self-organization serendipitous and revelatory of a natural movement found in the environment and in society?"

with performers:
Stacy Dawson Stearns
Laura Stinger
Alana Reibstein
Devika Wickremesinghe
Editor and Sound Designer Hashim Thomas

Summer Guthery JOAN Director | Co-Founder | Curator
Production support
David Matorin
Sydney Cazares
Sarah Anne Cooper
Jumpsuits by James Kidd
Thanks to Milka Djordjevich and also to all who became performers by the mere act of visiting the Gala.
Bendix Building 2018 (c)
Los Angeles