Hypnotic Show Kunstverein
Toronto, 2014

As Raimundas explained:

I think the premise and futures of the new Kunstverein being launched with the Hypnotic Show could be inscribed in your short texts - as something that enters the public realm through a new session of ‘guided daydreaming’ (as Marcos likes to call it) Some words from Raimundas about this Hypnotic Show "I guess for Angie this experiment is rather familiar since she wrote a number of scenarios of HS for the Artissima edition a few years ago - I enclose you the PDF of the publication we’ve produced then for Maryse and Tamara In the way Marcos works with the story each of those short narratives usually last some 15 minutes carried by his voice and renditions - it does not follow the text verbatim, actually uses it as a blueprint or a set of hints rather than a precise scenario

What excites me in this particular case of Kunstverein Toronto is a possibility of incorporating everything into the text: the launch of KV, the structure of the HS, the audience as the main site and the producer of the imaginary gesture being a member of an audience I can imagine myself reading your texts even before arriving to Toronto, before arriving to the hotel where HS will take place, before sitting down in the room with slightly dimmed lights and relaxed ambience, quite casual, I think, like the text itself - as perhaps something whose half could be sent out before the event and the rest induced during it - I don’t know - i feel we could play quite freely around here…. what do you think?" writers of scripts:
Tamara Henderson
Angie keefer
Maryse Lariviere
Thanks to
Kari Cwynar
Kara Hamilton
of Kunstverein West

Hypnotic Show:
Silverman Gallery San Francisco 2008Artist Space NYC 2009Kunstverein Amsterdam 2009Kadist Art Foundation Paris 2009Centre Pompidou, Paris 2010Artissima 17, Torino 2010CAPC, Bordeaux 2011Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm 2011Artissima 18, Torino 2011Forde Foundation, Geneva 2012Documenta 13, Kassel 2012Taipei Fine Arts Museum Taipei 2013Kunstverein, Toronto 2014

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