Lecture & Workshops

Over the years I have conducted workshops and lectures and other public engagement in many countries around the world. These sessions are designed to be transformative and mind-expanding.
They derive from ongoing research related to synesthesia (the cross-over of the senses in the brain) which is linked to heightened sensing, as well as investigations of the inner aspects of the mind which become accessible through guided meditation or hypnosis.
This work related to consciousness has sometimes been conducted in collaboration with leading neuroscientist researchers such as Professor Vilayanur Ramachandran and Dr. Richard Cytowic. Sometimes the projects have a survey aspect to them which helps in better understanding our relationship to creativity through our minds and senses and developing future workshops.
The approach to explorations in workshop settings involve one or more of four 'quadrants:'
1) The Inductive, which relates to unconscious creative processes.
2) the Sensory-Synesthetic which involves attention to multiple senses.
3) Radius or Social which involves linkage to fundamental social dynamics.
4) Environ-Mental which keys into developing a closer relationship to our natural surroundings.
I am available to discuss lectures and workshops.

2022 Mabkhara, Workshop with ceramics and palm weaver students, Turquoise Mountain, Al´Ula, SA Proto language performance workshop, with Phillips Collection and US Consulate Milan at GAM Torino, IT
2021 New Herulians, Cognitive Sensations, Liverpool, UK
Synesthetic Workshop, John Moores University, with Prof. Imogen Stidworthy, Liverpool, UK
2020 Presentation of Quadrant Field, Edizioni Alberta Pane, Alberta Pane Gallery, Venice.
Workshop with students of Münster Academy of Arts, hosted by Mariana Castillo Deball. 2019 The Inductive Museum Culture Summit, Abu Dhabi Keynote artist invited by Guggenheim
A Semantic Survey of Forms,Curated by Gabriella Warren-Smith
with Dr. Richard Cytowic, The Cube, London January 22
The Old Bank Residency, Manchester, Liverpool John Moores University,Fact, Liverpool, UK
2018 A Semantic Survey of Emotions, Main Museum, Los Angeles, US
Multi-Way, Lecture and Workshop, UDESIGN Contrast, UDEM, Monterrey, MX
2017 IASAS, Synesthesia Symposium, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
A Semantic Survey of Emotions, Main Museum, Los Angeles, US
2016 Virtualities and Extended Experience, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, US
2015 Thoughtforms and Brainwaves: Neuroaesthetics and Art, 14thIstanbul Biennial, TK
Elemental Essence: Clairvoyance and Crowdsourcing
The Thought Forms Test, 14thIstanbul Biennial, TK
2014 Presentation for Northwestern University, Evanston, US
2013 Presentation for CAFA, Beijing, CH
Schemantics, Alanus Kunshochschule, Bonn, G
Workshop at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL
2012 Talk for X-tra magazine. The Armory, Pasadena, CA, US
2006 Galeria Isidro Miranda, Buenos Aires, RA
2004 Lecture, Ars Electronica, Linz, AU
2003 Guest editor of NewArch magazine. Issue based on Emotions and Senses in Architecture
Second Skin, UCE, Birmingham, UK
Second Skin, Tec de Monterrey, MEX DF, MEX
Circa, MEX, DF, MEX
Cal Arts, Valencia, CA, US
2002 ArtSci 2002, NY, US
International Festival of Media in Architecture, Firenze, IT
2001-2Second Skin: building from the space of mind, Ministerio de Fomento, ES
Tec de Monterrey, MEX, Architecture Association, UK, Academy of Art, PL
2001 Heart Project, Los Angeles CA, US
Fundacion Centro Nacional de Vidrio, La Granja, ES
2000 University of Irvine, CA, US
1999 Urban Prayer Flags:Committee member World Arts and Culture,
UCLA, World Festival of Sacred Music, CA, US
Memorial to Urban Violence, Heart Project & Sci Arc, CA, US
1998 Blown Away, Workshop with HeArt, involving Teenscape, Downtown Public Library and Self Help Graphics, CA, US

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