Lure Alberta Pane Gallery,
Paris, France, 2013

Lure for a Dark Place

A film negative, a non-film, an anti-film, perhaps the most literal form of cine noir.

As an internalised film delivered through hypnotic techniques, it is on location inside your mind. Screened, developed, viewed, consumed and generated all at the same time.

Picasso said that Matisse was the only artist who used black as a colour. Here black is still on the palette, but it is a well into which the emotions can plunge.

Carl Jung sought to complete trinities into 'the quaternity", the symmetrical completion of three. In this anti-film, the symmetries are echoed, mirrored, multiplied infinitely within the workings of the mind.

The work incorporates sounds from Morten Norbye Halvorsen's experience in the tundra where night-time lasts for months on end. This extends a collaborative exchange in which Norbye Halvorsen produced an impulse response inside Lutyens' sinus, which he then wove into a sound installation at the Lithuanian Pavillion at this year's Venice Biennale.

There are 10 small drawings: graphite on Vellum


These drawings are anti-drawings, triggers for before and after the experience of viewing the anti-film.

Although these are not exhibited in the gallery, copies may be posted on the street walls surrounding the gallery as precursors to the intra-film. They may also be distributed for those who wish to have triggers in their home or elsewhere.