Pushed Performance, Beijing, China, 2014

Pushed at Chambers Fine Art, Beijing Exhibition Date: February 22 – March 23, 2014 
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 22, 3 – 6 pm

In this body of work, created specifically in Beijing for Chambers Fine Art, Marcos Lutyens explores the impact that texts, SMS’s and push notifications have on our psyche. Our lives have become kaleidoscopic as so many impressions converge on us, collapsing distance and space into the palm of our hand. As each push arrives, in a given sequence, a dopamine rush is released generating a cycle of search and reward.

The works in the exhibition include pushed ‘Cycles’: on a raw, concrete-like canvas background, push notifications from Twitter, What’s App, WeChat and other app’s generate a parametric system of drips as the canvas slowly rotates. The color-coded drips converge in a slow centripetal movement and create complex patterns of associations, just as the succession of pushes that we receive on our ‘phones drive unconscious dopamine and opioid loops that lie somewhere between obsession and addiction. In this way, the canvasses become a mirror to the subconscious emotional processes that are unleashed in our bodies throughout the day.

At the opening of the exhibition on February 22, a live performance by the artist, ‘Pacemaker’, brings this cadence of pushes into the gallery in real time, as each notification chime triggers a sequence of events that transform sound into a visual display, externalizing and ritualizing a process that is usually experienced internally and individually. There will be further live demonstrations every Saturday afternoon between 3 and 4pm during the exhibition.

‘Circatextian’, a film in the project room, replaces our natural circadian rhythms with a phase resetting process, as each time a chime is heard and felt, it is matched by a flash of light which is processed by brightness receptors in the eye, thus entraining us to a new type of clock tuned to the pushes instead of our night/day cycle. Marcos Lutyens is an intermedia artist who has exhibited and performed internationally, including at dOCUMENTA(13), LACMA, MOCA, the Pompidou Centre, the Royal Academy, the Venice Biennale. He has often worked with various tools and approaches to explore the unconscious and associated schema.

At dOCUMENTA(13), Lutyens completed 340 hypnosis performances over a 100 day period in a specially designed cabin. Lutyens engaged in experiments with Dr. V. S. Ramachandran, Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition, at the University of California, San Diego to explore the brain's neural pathways in the synesthetic mind. His work with the mind has lead him to develop events and exhibits that reflect research with specific social or ethnic groups such as the Muxhe, from the Zapotec culture in Southern Mexico. Building on his investigations into consciousness and social dynamics, Lutyens has worked on large-scale projects that involve interactivity, the environment and new technologies. Works include external and internal data tracking and brain wave monitoring that are generally invisible to the casual observer, and yet as important to us as the subjective processes of the inner mind.

His work is held in public and private collections of note around the world, including Inhotim, the Dena Foundation, the Fico foundation and the Documenta Archive. For more information, please contact the gallery at +86 (0)10 5127 3298 or bj@chambersfineart.com

新闻稿 《卢腾思:推送》

展览时间:2014年2月22日至3月23日 开幕酒会:2014年2月22日(周六)下午3:00 – 6:00

前波画廊诚挚地宣布将于2014年2月22日起举办展览《卢腾思:推送》。卢腾思专程赴北京创作的这一系列作品,探索了现代生活中源源不断的手机短信、短消息以及“推送通知”在精神上对人们所产生的影响。我们的生活似乎被缩影成可以在掌心一窥究竟的万花筒。每当接收到“推送”讯息时,我们的身体便分泌出大量多巴胺(俗称“快乐物质”),促使了下一轮回的期待和回报。 本次展览由三个部分组成。第一部分为“循环”,即用不同颜色的油彩来代表“推特”、“WhatsApp”、“微信”等推送而至的各种讯息,系统化地滴在缓缓旋转的画布上。用不同色彩编码的颜料向心流动,自然交织成复杂的结构,就好似手机上收到的推送通知所引起的无意识多巴胺和阿片类环,使我们徘徊于着迷和成瘾之间。于是,原色画布成了一面镜子,隐射出每天我们情绪潜意识地从身体中释放和发泄的过程。 开幕式当天,艺术家将主导一场名为“心律调整器”的现场表演,这是展览的第二个组成部分。随着画廊中此起彼落的“推送”讯号,引发出一系列的行为和动作,将听觉效果转换成一种视觉表现。如此,原本一种个人内心所感受到的情绪经验被仪式化地公开表露出来。传统艺术作品只能让观众站在作品外面欣赏,卢腾思则希望观众能进入作品里面体会艺术的乐趣与观念,因此这种开放式的互动表演还将在展览期间(每周六下午三点至四点)延续。 本次展览的第三部分为影片“简讯时钟”。影片中,每次收到“推送”通知的同时,便释放出强光, 使我们察觉到这些隐藏的韵律,从而替代了昼夜周期的生理时钟。

卢腾思的创作涵盖多重领域,企图以不同的方式建立能够深入潜意识的通道。 近年的参展包括第十三届卡塞尔文献展,洛杉矶郡立美术馆,洛杉矶现代美术馆,巴黎蓬皮杜艺术中心,英国皇家艺术硏究院,威尼斯双年展等。 在卡塞尔文献展,卢腾思设计了一幢专供催眠艺术使用的独特建筑物,于一百天的展期间,完成了三百四十场表演。他曾与圣地牙哥加州大学意识硏究中心的瑞玛常准博士合作,对脑神经系统与联觉现象进行实验。也曾赴墨西哥南方的萨波特克人部落,与其“第三性”族群(Muxhe)共同创办庆典,以他们在催眠状态下画出的原型,来制作烟火雕塑和当地著名的手工织品。建立在对意识、社群的调查基础上,卢腾思进而将触角伸到环境保护与尖端科技。运用数据追踪和脑波读取等技术,希冀将肉眼看不见的内化、外显的过程,藉由艺术来传达。 收藏卢腾斯作品的艺术机构包括巴西伊诺庭当代美术、丹纳艺术基金会、以及卡塞尔文献展档案等。

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