Sentimeter: The Dwelling of
Emotion States.

Part of exhibition: Gone Today Here Tomorrow in the framework of the exhibition series At Work

Curated by Eva Vaslamatzi

20 November 2019 - 26 January 2020

AnnexM / Megaron Concert Hall

This project dissolves the boundaries between public and private in the vast setting of the Concert Hall Athens, within the context of Annex M. Lutyens explores how spaces become part of the mental architecture of memory, thought and sensations. The project is divided into three parts:

1) An online survey asks friends of Annex M to consider certain shapes and forms and respond to them in terms of likes and dislikes. This information is then used to work back into the space with site specific interventions that create a kind of synesthetic feedback loop between the online friends and the visitors to the Concert Hall, in which sensory cues and reflexes are augmented within the space. The approach seeks to create a kind of emergent, or ´bottom up´ exhibition dynamic in which the public psyche models the space, reversing the more usual dynamic of a ‘top down’ organized show . The project has been developed with renowned neuro-theorist and author Richard E. Cytowic.

2) Two live hypnosis performances with visitors. Visitors are drawn into the space to ´read´ it from an unconscious, emotional standpoint. Visitors are taken to four strategic parts of the building and are asked to consider it from each of 4 perspectives: Thoughts, Feelings, Senses and Intuition. At each stage a kind of gauging of the perspectives will take place, thus building up a kind of unconscious portraiture of the whole space as one socio-architectural experience.

3) A narrated film will be made to capture the reflections that have been harvested from the visitors. This will be shown ins sequence, as a mirrored version of the Hypnotic Show film that was filmed in the Guggenheim NY in 2017.

Gallery installation photos by Stathis Mamalakis