The Cartographic Congress
Limehouse, London. 2003

A live performance led by Marcos Lutyens involving the exploration of subconscious
envelopes and boundaries. Bodies are mapped into the wider surroundings, between
wakefulness and dreams, intimacy and public interaction, gently breaking down the
socially conditioning structures of thought, interaction and behavior.
Over a six week period in May and June coders, artists, writers,
activists, economists, cartographers, tapissiers and film-makers
indulged their shared passion for map-making. A re-occurring thread at
the CC could be called ‘Open Data’, a sister phenomenon of the Open
Source software movement. The internet dream of distributed and
collaborative network systems has provided a spur to the creation of
public domain data that, until now, has been appropriated by
governments and corporations. The CC, aswell as giving cartography a
massive ludic injection, provided a valuable forum for the on- and
offline development of related Open Data initiatives

The London Psychogeographical Association is holding a rally near the
site of the Alchemical Laboratory of the Society of the New Art, an
organisation set up by Gilbert, Lord Burghley and the Earl of Leicester
(its exact location has yet to be determined). It was also in Limehouse
that Gilbert wrote his proposal for an Elizabethan 'Achademy', a
proposal that was eventually realised by his fellow Merchant
Adventurer, Sir Thomas Gresham. Gilbert claimed to have constructed
remarkable navigational machines, an area of work that the Gresham
College was quick to concern itself with.
Outside the nearby library, there is the baleful influence of the statue
of Clement Attlee, the mass murderer who signed the authorisation for
dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. The town hall across the road used to
be a socialist reliquary, where Prince Kropotkin's table was kept.
Alongside this were other relics of the communist saint, Sylvia
Pankhurst. (She was beatified by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and
given the title Debre). These were removed before work began on
Canary Wharf. The rally will link the psychogeoconflux in New York to
the Cartographic Congress in London.

Mapping the Psycho-Topography of Limehouse Town Hall
This is the man who hipnotized architects from around the world, and regressed
them to before they learned about architecture. Then got them to design spaces as
extensions of their skins.

At 6pm on Sunday 25th May, at Limehouse Town Hall, Marcos Lutyens will tell us
what he did with 30 trance-induced Calgarian and Sardinian students for his
Psicopolis project - mapping the city from within.

Then there will be a live performance by hypnotized volunteers, mapping the psycho-topography of Limehouse Town Hall. Food will be served.

Where: Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA. Cartographic Congress Performance.rtf 1 de 1 2 de 2