Time Lapsus, Los Angeles, US, 2015

The performance is a set of mirrored narratives inspired by the Film Rêve-Noir genre of David Lynch. Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway have important scenes close to the actual location of the house where this Time Lapsus event took place. 2 sets of twinned performers move around the space, as a layer in another time, but occupying the same physical space as 'real' guests at a Hollywood Party. The performance continues at its own pace regardless of what is going on in the party. There was no intention of this being a audience/performer situation, but rather a co-mingling of situations: that of the guests and the performers, each in their own layer of time. Only the viewer is aware, in retrospect, of both situations.

Marcos Lutyens
Milka Djordjevich
Dorothy Dubrule / Gustine Fudickar
Justin Streichman / Justin Morrison

Ximena Valero

DoP and Editing
Hashim Thomas

Hair & Make up
Georgina Hamed

Chris Hou

Orchestrator Vadim Grigorian

Thanks also to Pia Kussrow, Antonin Villers, Annabel Keech and Tamsin Lonsdale.

with the support of Royal Salute.